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Program and Portfolio Management

An organization’s ability to successfully execute projects is a key component of their overall success and profitability. Does your organization experience any of the following symptoms?

  • Projects consistently running late, over budget or not delivering desired results
  • Inconsistent project management processes and tools
  • Project prioritization process driven by politics or the “squeakiest wheel”
  • Chronic resource shortages or over-allocated key resources
  • Lack of visibility into project status and performance
  • Redundant projects occurring in different business units.

If so, through our Project and Portfolio Management services, we can bring the expertise to implement effective project and portfolio management processes and tools to improve your project selection and delivery performance. Specifically we assist our clients by:

  • Assessing current project delivery processes and tools and developing a performance improvement plan
  • Assessing existing project portfolios using our value based assessment approach to identify potential project waste, overlap and value gaps
  • Defining and deploying an organization structure, governance processes and a performance measurement system for effective project delivery within the organization
  • Selecting and implementing the appropriate project and portfolio management tools to improve project delivery performance

Our Project Management consulting services can drive significant performance improvements that deliver:

  • Improved project decision making based on value based analysis
  • Improved visibility to resource utilization and project status
  • Reduced project failures through use of consistent project management methodologies

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