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Business Process and Requirements Analysis

BXT is helping organizations maximize business benefits from IT investments by eliciting, analyzing, communicating and validating requirements for changes to business processes, policies and information systems. Our consultants have the expertise and experience in playing the required liaison role between business and technology with an excellent knowledge of the vertical industry.

Business analysts play a pivotal role of applying technology to support business initiatives that would help the company increase revenue, reduce costs and/or improve operational efficiencies. Delivering IT projects that can maximize business benefits requires thorough understanding of the business (processes, problems, and needs), an understanding of what technology can do (and cannot do) and expertise in sound requirements management practices.

We have been on projects (small, medium, large, complex) delivering practical approach to requirements management. We have used the right set of tools for the right needs. We have collaboratively worked with clients to establish sound requirements management practices that ensure measurable results. We have led, mentored, coached and trained several business analysts along the way.

Ask yourself the following questions about the project or organization

  • Are you unable to get the most out of your IT?
  • Is your IT project not aligned with the business strategy?
  • Does your IT project lack enough emphasis on the long-term strategic goals of the business?
  • Are your requirements incomplete and/or inaccurate?
  • Are your requirements poorly managed?
  • Do you often find requirements bugs?
  • Are you unable to manage scope and changing requirements throughout the project/product life cycle?
  • Are you unable to define clearly what the system will do before it is developed?
  • Are your projects consistently running late, over budget and/or not delivering desired results?
  • Have you invested on technology and processes that do not deliver on expectations?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, BXT’s “Business Process and Requirements Analysis” services can help. Through our services we can bring the expertise to implement effective BA competency to improve project delivery performance. Specifically we assist our clients by:

  • Assess current business analysis skills, processes and tools to develop a improvement plan
  • Define and deploy an organization structure, governance processes and a performance measurement system for effective requirements management within the organization
  • Perform business requirements analysis by applyiung expertise, knowledge and techniques to identify business problems, elicit stakeholder needs, define system, work with technologists to determine solutions and ensure delivery of the right product
  • Deploy business analysts/requirement analysts with right set of skills on the project
  • Mentor your business analysts and other team members while collaboratively working on projects

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